Landscape Australia Conference, May 6, Sydney

Through inspiring keynote presentations and lively panel discussions the Landscape Australia Conference will explore the dynamic role of landscape in the design, planning and management of gardens, cities and regions. The conference will be held on Saturday, 6 May 2017 at the Museum of Sydney.

The first session of the day will examine the role of aesthetics – in the original Greek sense of “sensuous perception” – in contemporary garden and planting design. The session will include discussion on how plants are used to create or disrupt cultural narratives, trigger empathy toward environmental issues and nourish our desire for beauty.

Speakers: Thomas Woltz (USA) / Andy Hamilton (UK/NZ) / Katrina Simon (AUS)

The next session will explore Indigenous management of the Australian landscape prior to European colonization as well as contemporary landscape architectural examples from New Zealand that interpret conflicted histories of place through design.

Speakers: Bill Gammage (AUS) / Ralph Johns (NZ) / Frances Wyld (AUS)

The idea of urban resilience is gaining prominence globally as we continue on twin trajectories of rapid urbanization and more frequent and extreme weather events. In the final session we will hear from the perspectives of designers and urbanists on the tools and methods of resilience.

Speakers: Sylvia Karres (NL) / Alexis Sanal (TUR) / Claire Martin (AUS)

Part of an event-packed week in Sydney, the Landscape Australia Conference is co-located with the Australian Institute of Architects’ National Architecture Conference: Praxis and the Planning Institute of Australia’s National Congress: Growing Up, Growing Out.

Conference delegates will join Australia’s built environment community for an immersive city-wide experience. Stay up to date via LandscapeAustralia.

Twitter: @landscapeau
Instagram: @landscapeau

Published on February 10, 2017

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