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Landezine was started in June of 2009. Since then it has been showcasing landscape architecture projects made by landscape architects and architects from around the globe. Today, Landezine is internationally renowned landscape architecture website and one of the most visible in the profession. More than 5,000 visitors from all over the world visit landezine.com every day. In 2016 we expanded our network and empowered our voice in the global community by launching LILA, Landezine International Landscape Award.

This development and expansion of our activities wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable expertise by Robert Schäfer who joined our team as an adviser. Robert studied Landscape Architecture and Journalism, founded Topos Magazine in 1992 and was in charge of Garten+Landschaft Magazine since 1984.

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Robert Schäfer, Independent Adviser
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  • Georgina 04.26.19

    Dear sir or madam,

    As a land arch student I find your site invaluable. I was wondering whether a new category on memorials would be useful down the left navigation bar.

    Thanks for all the work.

    Kind regards,


  • Zas Brezar 05.13.19

    Dear Georgina, we actually have it, but is merged with the cemeteries category. Find it here: http://www.landezine.com/index.php/landscapes/landscape-architecture/realized-projects/cemeteries-memorials/


  • Laura 12.03.19

    I don’t know if it is on purpose or not, when I look in projects and chose a filter at Filter landscapes by, I can only pick one at the time. Either I can look for Cities and squares, or places in the Netherlands. It reloads every time making it not possible to have multiple filters on at the same time. Is there something that can fix this? I love using the site for inspiration in my own projects!

  • Andoni 02.15.20

    Dear Landeziners,

    With great admiration for the work you have done to spread the beauty of this profession, I would like to pose an idea to improve the experience on the website.

    As of now, under the “Offices” section, there is no possibility to filter by country. I believe it would be a great resource, both for professionals and the public alike, to be able to see which offices are near you. Either if you are looking for work in a certain part of the world, or looking to hire, Landezine could become the site of reference for that matter.

    Hoping that you consider this suggestion.
    Thank you for everything,


  • Hi,

    This is in regards to the Landzine International Landscape Awards 2020. We are interested in submitting one of our project in the ‘Public Projects’ category. We have received a Landscape Institute Award in 2019 (United Kingdom) for this project and we would very much like to enter the LILA awards 2020. The original entry deadline was set as of April 3rd and aswWith the current scenario of Covid 19 , I would like to enquire if the deadline for entry has been extended? Your response will be highly appreciated.

  • Hi there,

    We used a number of the projects referenced on your website as precedent, and now the client would like to use those in a publicly printed design guidelines. They are willing to purchase copyright if need be, it’s an academic client. How does that process work for you? My emails have bounced from the info address.

  • Anne-Kari Hetterud 04.28.20

    Hi! I can no longer sort projects on type of projects on your site. There is no longer a list with the different kind of projects (parks, schoolyards, streets…. and so on). Is there anything I can do or is something wrong with the site?

  • Anne-Kari Hetterud 06.10.20

    hi again! I wrote you an email a while ago. I just wanted to let you know that it is difficult to use your website for inspiration now when it isn’t possible to categorize the projects. There is no where (as I can see) to choose types of projects. I really miss this function and hope that it will be back.
    Kind regards Anne-Kari Hetterud

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