TTC Timmler Technology


TTC Timmler Technology specializes in lighting, airconditioning systems and homogeneous grid design. In collaboration with renowned architects and engineering offices, the medium-sized, family-owned company realizes discerning projects both inside and outside Germany. All the company’s products have a persuasive aesthetic appearance while also appealing to budget-conscious decision-makers. After all, TTC provides high-quality standard products as well as customized items designed for specific concepts and to meet exacting wishes. The company is a strong innovator: As a matter of principle, its resource-sparing products combine sustainability and design.


TTC’s success is closely bound up with the persons who define the face of the company. Each of them makes a strong personal contribution. They are: Siegfried Timmler, an enthusiastic, creative and agile networker. From a very early age he was interested in pioneering architecture. Moreover, he is deeply committed to ecological building and natural air conditioning. Back in the 1980s, Siegfried Timmler had already started experimenting with renewable energies, and he followed this up by supplementing the Grids & Gutters product segment with new, trailblazing lines: LED lighting as an energy-saving source of light, and silent air conditioning using water-based gravity cooling.

His son Patrick Timmler is now busy helping to manage the company and move it forwards. After studying business administration while simultaneously working as an assistant in the property section at project development company Arcadis NV and also at GAG Immobilien AG, he has taken on various
roles within TTC , where he is in charge of Marketing, Social Media, ultra-modern product solutions, and the company’s consistent digitization. At his instigation, TTC is a very active member of the DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Council.

Dominic Lieser is also a member of the management team, having worked for the company for decades. Dominic Lieser holds commercial power of attorney and the main customerfacing role, helping buyers to define their needs and ensuring the superb technical quality of the products and their precise manufacture. Customers highly appreciate his thorough approach to the tasks at hand.

TTC Timmler Technology / GmbH Christian-Schäfer-Str. 8 / D-53881 Flamersheim / Germany

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