At Nola we consider ourselves as committed community problem solvers; and our work has always stemmed from real human needs. We’re driven by social sustainability, to make cities and urban spaces safer, more accessible and give a user a heightened experience. We do this by taking inspiration from the outside world and those we collaborate with, to develop both products and the places.

We participate in urban development projects by investing in new forms and progressive design solutions. This often results in custom-designed furniture packed with character, pitched towards specific environments or needs. Today, Nola’s products can be found in almost every Swedish city, and our range extends from classic forms to expressive design for everything from dynamic outdoor public spaces and parks to traffic and pedestrian thoroughfares.

A product from Nola is synonymous with the highest quality, holistic function, ambitious environmental considerations and always developed with people in full focus. We believe that these attributes, combined with engaging design, contribute to create a striking, memorable aesthetic.

Many turn to Nola to enrich a specific place, street or city and, in collaboration with architects and creators, we make these spaces more usable and attractive. Our collaborative projects are often concerned with using design to connect a place to its history, bringing out its unique identity and nurturing a sense of community for those who use a space.

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