Environment for Revit® – The Ultimate Set of Tools for Landscape Architecture within Revit®.

Made by landscape architects for landscape architects

Born in a landscape architecture studio, Environment for Revit® is the ideal solution for BIM-based site design. With years of development and hundreds of active users around the globe, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools specifically tailored for modeling the outdoors within Revit®, and enable you to become an integral and equal member of the BIM project team. 

At Arch-Intelligence, we aspire to bridge the technological gap between landscape architects and the rest of the industry by providing the essential tools they need, along with an abundance of online learning resources. Our goal is to not only make the implementation process achievable but also enjoyable for landscape architects.

At Arch-Intelligence we believe in the power of knowledge and education. Therefore, we support academies and universities around the world. Our software is completely free for all students and we support teachers in their efforts to promote technological excellence amongst our peers. 

We invite you to join the growing community of landscape architects who have embraced BIM technology, and use the power of Environment to enhance project quality, work more efficiently, and excel in our field.

BIM landscape architecture model. Image by: Environment for Revit®

More than 50 tools for outdoor fun!

In addition to standard Revit benefits like automated earthwork calculations and schedules, instant 2D Documentation from 3D models, and vice versa, seamless 3D model creation from your 2D plans – A wide range of tools to plan and design every aspect of the outdoors, all within Revit, without the need for any additional software:

Terrain modeling tools – model complex terrains with utmost precision and accuracy, eliminating the need for intricate calculations during the design process. Perfect for both small-scale urban projects and large-scale infrastructure designs.

Streamlined Collaboration – Our tools facilitate interoperability by seamlessly importing/exporting data between CAD, Civil3D, and Revit, enhancing communication and teamwork.

Planting Plans – Effortlessly scatter, tag, annotate, and schedule your planting plans with ease. Our tools support many different workflows for different regions around the world

Accurate Analysis and Calculations – Conduct advanced topography analysis and quickly obtain precise earthwork calculations in every step of your project.

More than 50 tools for landscape architecture. Image by: Environment for Revit®

Let’s kick-start your journey.

At Environment for Revit®, we prioritize education above all else. As a testament to our commitment to providing a comprehensive service, we have curated an extensive collection of free online training materials, which you can find listed below.

Environment for Revit User Guide

Tools and Features Tutorials YouTube Playlist

Tips, Tricks, How To’s and Workflows Playlist

Aforesaid, we strongly believe in supporting young professionals on their path to success. That’s why we offer complimentary Environment for Revit® licenses for students and other educational purposes.

For more information

Student project: Museum Sankofa. Image by: Roberto Possidonio Neto

Moreover, we understand that every project needs a starting point. While Environment equips you with the necessary tools to begin working in Revit, our free landscape Revit template provides an ideal foundation for a more productive, efficient, and delightfully engaging BIM experience.

Download the free template now

And to further enhance your learning experience, we also offer a 30-day free trial period for Environment for Revit®, allowing you to explore its full potential before making a commitment.

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