ENVIRONMENT for Revit® is a plugin that allows landscape architects to design within the Revit® workspace without the need for additional software or any programming skills.

While working at a major landscape architecture firm three years ago, we started trying to integrate into the BIM work environment. We encountered many obstacles, so we began to research the best way to make BIM a reality for landscape architecture.

Over the years, Revit® has become the most advanced and most popular BIM software. Since the BIM design process requires all disciplines to use compatible software, Revit® is the natural choice for our field as well. Our mission is to make the Revit® workflow for landscape architects as convenient and efficient as possible.

To achieve this, we created the ENVIRONMENT for Revit® plugin, a powerful set of tools that turns Revit® into the best software on the market for landscape and site design.

We understand that creating these tools alone is just the beginning, so we also provide quality free online learning resources to make BIM implementation for all landscape professionals not only achievable, but fun.




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