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We know Urban Furniture. Appreciation for the good design, hard work and frugality is deeply rooted in our DNA. 150+ products and X projects later we still live and breathe well-designed, affordable street furniture. Our extensive range of products allows us to think in terms of complete “look and feel” of the urban space, not simply design great street furniture. We like to think of ourselves as “street stylists” playing with different colors, textures and finishes to maximize opportunities and choice and create a unified & unique space. We believe that simplicity wins over complexity each time around. So we’ve brought everything from design, to manufacturing, to customer service in-house to eliminate any inefficiencies or unnecessary levels of uncertainty.

Having everything “under one roof” helps us save our clients’ time, resources and make each step pleasantly smooth and predictable. At CityDesign we strive to take the core values of Made-in-Italy products and make them accessible to more communities around the world. With each new product that we create we focus on making it useful, affordable and unique. To us this is the essence of what we call “smart design”, because while trends and forms may change, quality and value never go out of style! We believe in the world full of optimism and possibility, a world that brings diversity, color and fun in our everyday life.

We design and manufacture serial furniture, which allows us to keep our products surprisingly affordable, but offer plenty of personalization options through the use of materials, colors and layout combinations. Urban furniture pieces rarely make headlines or attract media attention. Yet each object – be it a bike rack, a bench or a drinking fountain – makes our life easier, safer and more comfortable. At CityDesign our rewards come from the moments of connection between people and outdoor spaces. We are proud to make products that help to create spaces that ‘feel good’ and not just ‘look great.’ Each project serves its own purpose, is subject to different weather elements and should reflect the “vibe” of the place.

We realize that “great design” doesn’t mean the same thing to all people. That’s why we created a wide range of products, treatments and working processes to give architects, municipalities and communities creative freedom to be as bold or balanced as they want to be. Every piece of urban furniture starts with raw materials. This is when we first think about cost-effectiveness, sustainability, variety and durability.

From sustainably harvested wood to 100% recyclable steel and aluminium, we make sure that all of the materials we use are good for people, environment and the economy of the places we source them from.

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