Competition – Elevated Park Barrio 31 – Retiro

International, non-binding, Two-Phases Ideas Competition, promoted by the Secretariat for Social and Urban Integration of the Buenos Aires City Government (GCBA), and organized by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FADU) of the University of Buenos Aires. The Competition is part of the Integration Plan for Barrio 31 which is being carried out by the City Government of Buenos Aires. Its objective is to ensure that all city residents enjoy the same rights and responsibilities, improving the quality of life and encouraging community development. In this sense, the Elevated Park project provides an opportunity for exceptional transformation, as it offers the whole area a vast improvement in terms of urban environmental quality.

Competition Website (in Spanish) /
Competition documentation (in English)

In addition, it will improve not only the inter-connectedness between the different districts within Barrio 31 but also the integration of Barrio 31 with the rest of the city, promoting urban connectivity and the mobility of its inhabitants. Further, it will also help incorporate a large number of green areas and recreational spots, thus promoting city residents’ access to the benefits of public space and expanding the social and environmental rights of both the local community and the city’s inhabitants at large.

The competition is an open call to creative-minded architects, urban designers, and landscape planners from all over the world, to develop innovative proposals –along a 2 km strip of decommissioned highway–, that will foster and encourage social and urban development as well as the integration of Barrio 31 in a sustainable and participatory way.

Published on September 4, 2017

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