Windrush Square

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Location: London / UK / Type: Squares and Plazas / Water features / Built: 2008 /
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GROSS. MAX.: Brixton Central Square is formed by combining three separate public spaces: Tate Gardens, Windrush Square and St Mathews Peace Garden. The spaces are loosely defined by a series of civic buildings, including the town hall, St Mathews Church, Raleigh Hall and the Tate Library. However, these spaces are disconnected from each other and the civic buildings by a series of roads, two of which, Brixton Hill and Effra Road, carry heavy traffic. The project for Brixton Central Square aimed to create a much needed high quality public space that does justice to the significance of Brixton.

Brixton Central Square reflects on the role of civic space at the start of the 21st century as a vibrant stage for a dynamic multi-cultural society. Traditional pillars of society such as church (religion), town hall (politics) and library (knowledge) which are all represented within Brixton Square are no longer the priority of such a civic space. The site was lost in space and time. It needed a new agenda in terms of programme and event, and a new setting for those activities, which provides both spatial coherence and an iconic landmark. The combination of garden and square can be reconciled into a new urban typology, which provides for opposite experiences such as solitude and gathering, enclosure and opening, the introvert and the extrovert: An integrated park and square for both bio- and cultural diversity.

Landscape Architecture: GROSS. MAX.
Location: Brixton, London
Client: London Borough of Lambeth / Transport for London
Budget: £ 6,500,000
Completion date: 2008

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