Nivå Landskapsarkitektur: The idea behind the design proposal for Sätra centrum was to develop and refine the local qualities of a southern suburban centre in Stockholm. Sätra centrum was built in the 1960s, and the project aimed to renew the area while preserving its time-typical forms and elements. The square immediately east of the subway station was restored carefully in line with its former 60s ideas. Adjacent to this central square, a new building block is being built, creating an interesting collision between old and new. West of the subway station, an area locally known as ‘Plattan’ (referring to a well-known square in the centre of Stockholm), was redesigned in a freer fashion with the aim to give the square a new identity.

With its central location close to schools, health care centre and the subway station, ‘Plattan’ had the potential of becoming a well-used common living-room for all age groups in Sätra. Consequently, the re-design included a series of new carpets for the living room. Two are brick-carpets in ornamental patterns, giving the square a homely feeling. The third is an integrated sound art piece, a ‘carpet of sound’ by artist Ann Rosén, which stimulates movement and reflection for kids as well as grownups. A number of new larch trees, Larix decidua, seem to wander down onto the square from the surrounding slopes.

Project name: Sätra Centrum
Landscape Architect: Nivå Landskapsarkitektur
Client: Stockholms stad
Artist: Ann Rosén
Lighting: Reilers
Contractor: Y2 Anläggning AB
Years : 2008-2010
Area: 5000 sqm
Location: Sätra/Stockholm
Opened: 2010
Photographs: Anders Karlen

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