In the center of Lyon, on the old Blandan barracks built in 1830, a new 20 hectare public space opened to the public in 2013.

Blandan Park offers a new urban contemporary alternative to classic public spaces in urban areas. It is an extraordinary site, long hidden from view. It is a project about memory and military history, urban renewal, the reconquest by plants and the appropriation of public space with sport and games.
Around the central fortifications, the ancient defense logics and bastions are re-interpreted. This is a place to escape from the city. There are new spaces to discover and meet at, plains of moat, horticultural borders, natural wild gardens, a parade ground and a gigantic playground – The Ramparts’ Wave. Many of these design elements resonate with the site’s history, giving rise to specific uses and typologies.
Driven by function, sport and sustainability, this first phase is about providing exclusive sports and play activities.

These spaces are particularly unique; uncultivated, abandoned land mingles with the historical remnants and the specific and inclusive new facilities (including a skate park, playground and sport fields..)
The old parade ground has become a new 4 acre public square, accessible 24/7. It has quickly turned into a social theatre; a place to meet and gather. The Ramparts’ Wave reenacts history with kids playfully “attacking” the XIXth century fortifications. Unusual and visually striking, the impressive playground attracts families from all over the Greater Lyon area.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: BASE Landscape Architecture
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Explorations architecture + OGI + ON + CSD + Archipat + Vrignaud
Project location: 7th arrondissement of Lyon in France
Design year: 2011
Year Built: 2019

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