Galindez Slope

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Location: Bilbao / Spain / Type: Parks / Streets / Built: 2007 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on May 25, 2010

Project: Galíndez Slope and Pau Casals Plaza
Landscape Architecture: ACXT
Loacation: Bilbao, Spain
Area: 10,760m²
Design: 2007
Jefe de proyecto: Elena Varillas, Javier Durán, Ingenieros de Caminos
Team: César Azcárate, Ana Morón, Xabier Aparicio, Carlos Guimaraes
Structure: Javier Duran
Lighting: Antón Aman (ALS Lighting)
Photos: Aitor Ortiz

One thought on "Galindez Slope by ACXT"

  1. artur viveiros says:

    it is a little clever take on design – the faceted slope as from natural uncharted rock into computational surface – covering the world in face at the time

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