The Musicon grounds were formerly the industrial site of a large concrete factory, which had been unused for 10 years. LYTT’s overall plan transformed this area into a new neighborhood close to the center of Roskilde with a vibrant urban environment, where the musical aspect forms a central theme. A mix of housing, commercial establishments, shops, and cultural and recreational activities bring life to Musicon around the clock.

In ‘Rabalderparken’, a large urban facility and skatepark have been developed, serving both as a hub for various urban activities and as a means of redirecting heavy rainwater. Rabalderparken emerged from large indentations created by previous gravel pit excavations. Utilizing these landscape features allows for rainwater drainage within the Musicon area. Naturally directing water towards the lowest point via this recreational space and into high-capacity infiltration basins addresses the issue of flooded streets.
The neighborhood is built around a main thoroughfare, ‘Rabalderstræde’, where recycled rainwater is transformed into a physically usable element and an asset for the street. On the Rabalderstræde-connection, sculptural elements are cast in white concrete. These urban interventions serve as multifunctional urban furniture pieces, providing seating, artistic expression, and points of interest for pedestrians.

The square’s most striking feature is a unique cascade of white concrete, draping over the street like fabric. This sculpture functions as a versatile urban fixture, inviting creative and physical activities depending on each person’s age, temperament, and interpretation of its form. With wave-like movements, it offers both seating and reclining options, while also facilitating activities such as skating, riding a balance bike, or scootering. Vehicles can pass through, yet the edges of the fabric also aid in slowing them down. The street is designed as a sloping multi-functional surface; Rainwater flows beneath the fabric, tracing the sloping terrain until reaches its lowest point at the sculptural water stairs in Rabalderparken, where it is collected and directed into the basin. By leaving the rainwater management system exposed and recirculating it during daylight hours, the rainwater becomes an attraction instead of a complication.

Project data

Landscape architecture: LYTT Architecture

Collaborators: COWI, SNE Architects
Project location: Musicon, Roskilde Denmark
Opening year: 2012
Client: Roskilde Municipality, Roskilde Supply

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