Filadores Square

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Location: Girona / Spain / Type: Squares and Plazas / Built: 2009 /
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Hidalgo.Hartman: Castellfollit de la Roca, one of the smallest municipalities of Spain with a surface of 0,7km2, is located in the confluence of the Fluvià River and the Turonell River occupying the summit of a quaternary basaltic formation. The buildings are situated at the limit of the vertical basaltic formation’s columns forming an indissoluble unit. The Filladores Place defines its space by means of textures and the use of the limits. A limit of sculpted black concrete embraces the place’s vacuum of basaltic cobbles forming a space that seems to be carved in the Castellfollit’s own basaltic formation. Designed as a great public space, the square is divided in three areas according to their use and location. On the one hand the great esplanade paved as support of dynamic activities of great appraisal, concerts, Sardanas’ dance, major parties, etc. On the other hand the edge of concrete as static space, of contemplation, of viewing-point to the landscape. And finally the area near the existing building, as place of traffic, access to the housings of the existing building and connection with the low level of the parking separate from the rest of square by means of benches – lamps – holes with three oaks. An unique lamppost provide the general lighting.

Landscape Architecture: Hidalgo.Hartman
Site: Castellfollit de la Roca, La Garrotxa. Girona, Spain
Project: 2007-2008
Construction: 2008-2009
Area: 1.716,11m2
Budget: 602.332,02 €
Incasól, Institut Català del Sol. Generalitat de Catalunya
Construction company: JOSEP VILANOVA SA
Photography: Jordi Hidalgo I Tané

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