Playgrounds and Schoolyards

Landscape Architecture: NIPPaysage
Various locations in Quebec, Canada
Client: Diverses écoles et commissions scolaires
Year: 2004-présent
Team: Mathieu Casavant, Josée Labelle, Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault, Emilie Bertrand-Villemure, France Cormier, Claude Cournoyer, Suzanne Ernst, Georges-Étienne Parent, Céline Paradis, Gabriel Mauchamp, Mélissa Marcotte, Yoanne Sourice, Sylvane Rava, Baptiste Piednoël, Delphine Dalençon, Patrick Morand, David Lazcano
Photos and text by NIPPaysage
Project: Redesign and renovation of numerous outdoor spaces and school yards. Projects include efforts to reduce existing heat islands and create a rich diversity of athletic, leisure and educational activities. Projects contribute to neighbourhood dynamics and local urban experiences.

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