Lotus Lake Park

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Location: China / Suzhou / Type: Parks / Waterfronts / Built: 2012 /
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Integrated Planning and Design: The City of Kunshan has a unique history and its people have been responsible for establishing many of the cultural traditions for this region; Kun Opera, canal villages, hairy crab, the Double-headed Lotus flower and a long history of aquaculture production are all notable. As a gateway for the city’s westward expansion, Lotus Lake Park had to define and demonstrate the character of the future public realm in the west.

Sited between a large commercial thoroughfare and the nationwide high-speed rail corridor, the urban waterfront park offers community and retail facilities, interactive features, sweeping vistas and overlooks. Situated on the lake is an aquaculture center surrounded by floating boardwalks and display tanks, showing historically cultivated aquatic plants and shellfish as well as the sustainable aquaculture practices that have been developed through the region’s history.

To maintain the longstanding traditions of the Kun Opera, various facilities were integrated into the landscape and weaved together with a trail. The features and experiences of the Kun Opera culture are gathered into one collection of a mock stage, projection water screen, and a 360° open theater.

This project received a 2013 Honor Award by the Northern California Chapter of the ASLA. For details, visit ASLA NCC.

Project Title: Lotus Lake Park
Project Location: Kunshan, Suzhou, China
Landscape Architect: Integrated Planning and Design Inc.
Design Year: 2009
Phase 1 Construction Completed: 2012
All images and text: Integrated Planning and Design Inc.

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