Hornsbergs Strandpark

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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Bridges and Piers / Parks / Waterfronts / Built: 2012 /
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Hornsbergs Strandpark is the winner of the Swedish landscape award: Sienapriset 2012. Hornsbergs strandpark is where water and land meet in a curvy shoreline and contemporary design, round organic shape and clean lines. Hornsbergs Strandpark faces west to Ulvsundasjön and the evening sun. The waterfront and the three long floating piers give the visitor a feeling of floating into the light over the water. This is present particularly on hot summer afternoons when the park becomes an oasis for the surrounding residents and used for grilling and swimming. The park features several informal seating areas and a shower with a high seated tank for water heated by the sun that can be used by joggers. Hornsbergs Strandpark is used as a living room for all residents and visitors of Kungsholmen.

The plants used at Hornsbergs strandpark are all, with one exception, exotic without being gardened. The trees are located in dense groups including one species each. There are open spaces that hold different functions and events in the intervals between the various tree populations. The edge towards the water is built of sheet pile bonded to the surface with the help of a large concrete crown that spans into the solid rock.

The park is over 700 meters long and consists of four parts. To the west lies a jetty for sunbathing with wooden docks jutting into the lake in different lengths. East of it is Kajparterren formed as a contrast to the organic Strandparken. It is a slightly raised horizontal disc slightly leaning towards the water. Far to the east is an existing part that has been renovated to be more accessible.

The project also includes the Moa Martinson square. For the proposed square design, Nyréns have focused on the spatial situation with a small spot at the edge of Ulvsundasjön and on the artistic adornment associations with the author Moa Martinson. Since the square surface is raised to provide access to the buildings it forms a difference of level with the street. The difference in level consists of a wall and staircase both possible to sit on. The stairs open to the square that is turned diagonally out to the lake with Kajparterren in the foreground. The warm evening sun falls in the same direction. The artistic decoration consists of large granite slabs that house engraved quotations from the books of Moa Martinson. The author’s choice of subject matter has inspired the stylized lilac arbor that breaks forth from the stairs. Lilac arbor symbolizes a homey, rustic appearance that stands in sharp contrast to this new urban environment.

Project name: Hornsbergs Strandpark
Client: Stockholms stad Exploateringskontoret, Ewa Reuterbrand, Britt Mattsson, Fredrik Bergman, Torbjörn Engman, Monika Almqvist
Artist: Moa Martinson square: Lina Nordenström
Landscape Architect: Nyréns Architects through Bengt Isling (Project architect), Jacob Almberg, Ronny Brox, Magdalena Franciskovic, Cecilia Jarlöv. Ulrika Lilliehöök, Staffan Malm
Architect: Peter Kinnmark Architect MAA
Constructor park: Omniplan Cornelis Oskamp
Lighting: EnergoRetea / Bjerkings by Lena Hildeman and Caroline Boman
Designer wall facing Strandgatan: WSP
Contractor; fill, beach and quay: Skanska
Entrepreneur street, wall and based scheduling: JM
Photographer: Åke E: son Lindman, Lennart Johansson
Years : 2008-2012
Approximate construction cost: 107 million SEK

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