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Location: Sweden / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Built: 2012 /
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The art gallery Artipelag in Hålludden outside of Stockholm was built on the initiative of Björn Jakobson, founder and owner of the well-known company BabyBjörn. His love for the archipelago in combination with a great interest in art gave birth to the idea of an art gallery by the water where the experience of nature, architecture and art can merge. We were commissioned to help Björn Jakobson realise his dream. Part of the project included making the surroundings accessible to museum visitors and letting the museum co-exist with nature.

The location of the art gallery has been chosen with great care. Hålludden is a scenic and undeveloped part of Värmdölandet on the outskirts of Stockholm and displays many characteristics of the Swedish archipelago such as fresh air, glittering water, bare rocks and a rich flora and fauna.

Nyréns has designed both the building and the surrounding boardwalk system and terrace. In addition to strolling freely along one of the nature trails, you can walk on the wooden boardwalks that lead from the main building down to the water, the piers and the marina. This means that even people with reduced mobility or prams can experience untouched nature freely and unhindered.

Today the gallery uses the boardwalks as an extension of the interior exhibition space. A permanent sculpture exhibition can be seen in the surrounding woods and along walking paths. The idea is to enhance the interaction that occurs when art is placed in nature. The boardwalk system works as a link between visitors, artwork and nature.


Landscape architect: Nyréns Arkitektkontor

Project location: Hålludden, Värmdö, Sweden

Design year: 2010

Year Built: 2012

Photos: Åke E:son Lindman


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