Dzintaru Mežaparks

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Location: Latvia / Riga / Type: Parks / Sport & Recreation / Built: 2008 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on March 23, 2010

Substance: A 200-year-old pine-tree growth and bilberry bush (protected biotops) are the greatest treasures of Dzintari forest park which has a total area of 13 hectars. The newly created infrastructure regulates visitors’ interaction with nature to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment. Architecture objects are located throughout the park and are connected with wooden board foot-path raised above the ground. The most important active recreation element is the inline skating track in the middle of the park. Pedestrian bridge separates skater and pedestrian paths. The park also accomodates skate-board and street-ball grounds, a children playground, cafes, sports inventory rental, toilets and other buildings. Nature elements served as prototypes of architecture objects. Also, the vertical division of glass facades creates dialogue with the surrounding pine trees.

Park Design: Substance (Architects: Arnis Dimins, Brigita Barbale,
with the assistance of Guna Priede, Krišjānis Leitis, Ieva Dimante, Rihards Vietrins)
Project: Dzintaru Mežaparks – Reconstruction of Forest Park
Area: 131108m²
Client: Jurmala City Council
Project: 2003 / 2005
Builder: SIA Taders
Construction: 2007 / 2008
Photos: Ansis Starks

2 thoughts on "Dzintaru Mežaparks by Substance"

  1. Joshua says:

    Agree, the wooden path and structures relates well to the pine trees.

    Thanks admin for the hard work to post these projects! I hope it becomes a vibrant site for designers to come together!

  2. Krishs says:

    I recently visited this site and am quite impressed of it’s natural and vibrant appearance – now we have a beautiful park-place to be proud of in Jurmala.

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