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Jissen Women’s University Hino Campus

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Location: Japan / Tokyo / Type: Campus / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2016 /
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“Human interaction born from the colorful benches”

Jissen Women’s University Hino Campus offers a range of learning opportunities under the Faculty of Human Life Sciences, and the students learn various kinds of knowledge about living a better life. This project, the landscape design and delivery of a new plaza, is a part of the reconstruction scheme of the Campus.

At the plaza, enclosed by lecture rooms, students enjoy break time and take part in various activities. We designed the plaza as a multi-functional place, where unlimited possibilities would be explored, and students can do whatever they want.

We have dotted the open area with trees that create shade and colorful benches of varying heights. Align them, link them, stack them, the benches can be arranged to cater for various activities on campus. The students can eat, talk, read, study, or even take a nap on the benches. The colors of the benches and their applications were co-designed with the students themselves. The students learn design concepts by creating an area and then observing how their area is used by other.


Landscape Architecture: STGK

Architect: Hazama Ando
Project Location: Hino, Tokyo, Japan
Design year: 2015-2016
Year Built: 2016

Client: Jissen Women’s University
Site area: 2,900m2
Photography: Takehiro Kawamura: 1-9, STGK: 10-16

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