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Location: Canada / Toronto / Type: Atriums / Gardens / Built: 2007 /
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gh3: Trinity College Quadrangle is a unique and beautiful place within the University of Toronto campus, and the physical and symbolic heart of Trinity College. The Quadrangle is a multi-purpose space that supports formal and informal events and gatherings – serving as the College’s outdoor living room. Trinity College Quadrangle is a place to which students, staff and alumni have a remarkably strong connection. The renewal of the Quadrangle is in the form of a modern design that is developed out of deference to Trinity’s Anglican heritage and the traditions of medieval and Gothic courtyards. This design provides a formal spatial sense, while accommodating a broad range of social activities. The patterned surface of the Quadrangle is based on the iconic symbol of the chi, superimposed over the central lawn to create an ornamented ground plane.

The imprinted central lawn is the focus and the unifying element in the space. Formalized circulation and program are moved primarily to the perimeter of the Quadrangle, however, the pavement of the chi pattern allows for seamless movement through the Quadrangle. A terrace is provided at the north end of the Quadrangle and new chrome seats are distributed throughout. Essential to the renewal of the Quadrangle is the protection of the existing trees. In decline due to root compaction, a vertical fertilization program was undertaken to aerate of the tree roots and a structural geo-textile was installed under the entire lower Quadrangle to prevent re-compaction.

Landscape Architecture: gh3
Location: Toronto, Canada
Design and construction: 2005-2007
Area: 2000 m2
Cost: $500, 000
Client: Trinity College
Photography: Tom Arban
Text: gh3

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