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Location: France / Type: Public Gardens / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2013 /
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Agence Canopée: At the heart of a large communication network,” Templeuve railway station (SNCF:FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) has became an exchange hub. It is an important infrastructure within the Lille metropolis, in the North of France. The main objective of the study, while answering the constant increase of the attendance of the site is to re-energize and give to the place, a new image that of a more accessible and better integrated. While offering an access for all, the main focus of the project is to organize around the rail all the different mode of urban transport by integrating the soft traffic, the electric transport without forgetting the public and individual transport.

Using a contemporary and characteristic touch was the starting point and the intention of the project management, to attract new innovative entreprises and offer a pleasant environment to the rail users. Inspired by the railroad atmosphere, the site is divided into three entities: the forecourt of the station, the exchange hub and the cars park. The forecourt is characterized by a public place of welcome with an enclosed garden and segmented by a bench. The exchange hub, is characterized by an inter-modality of traffic flows and uses. The cars park accommodates up to 250 places, is conceived as a continuation of the landscape on the city.

The project develops all the relations, consciously or unconsciously, between the traveler and the world of the train. The differences of levels of the garden evoke the platform, the 42 meters long bench calls back the length of trains and seats in the past. The impression of speed is translated by the linearity of coverings and by the organization of the vegetable pallet. The whole project is centered around identity elements such as the metallic blades on the ground, which object reference in rails and a model of lighting which reminds the drawing of the catenary posts.

The project is a part of an initiative of sustainable development with a will and with a participative approach of all the actors while implementing the alternative techniques of sanitation works, a furniture of energy-saving lighting, a management plan of the green spaces and the borders of battery-driven vehicles.” The service is a point essential on this kind of project. It is, in this context and on this territory that the first intermunicipal free shuttle appears, as well as a new bicycle path ( green way)combined with a secure bicycle garage.

Landscape Architecture: Agence Canopée
Location: Templeuve (59)/ France
Design year: 2010-2011
Year of Construction: 2012-2013
Area: 26000 m2 / 2,6 ha
Budget: 5 000 000,00 €
Image Credit: Agence Canopée – Gérald MIKOLAJCZAK

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