Plaça Virrei Amat

Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes: The remodelling of the Virrei Amat square does not only plan the previous round about area, but also proposes a new configuration which gives this public area a new dimension, from 2500 m2 to 18500 m2, adding new spaces and tracing the new traffic flows. The traffic organisation results in many adjacent streets to be only for pedestrian use and be incorporated as part of this new public development. Moreover, the importance of the public transport system to be redistributed and bus stops to be newly allocated. The square is identified as a large space for leisure and pedestrian circulation with an artificial pond and fountains as the main motif of the most representative part. Its surrounding pavement is shaped topographically as a beach, which has an inclination until it meets the superior level of the pond. A laminated timber pergola articulated with large existing trees relates the square with the surrounding buildings and allows concerts and manifestations to take place. Finally, the new square develops out of its own spacious surrounding and relates to its neighbourhood. The volumes of the pond, “beach”, pergola, vegetation areas and terraces organise itself, orientating the access, paths and views in relationship to the immediate landscape.

Landscape Architecture: Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes
Location: Districte de Nou Barris, Barcelona
Design Team:
Architects: Andreu Arriola, Carmen Fiol, Beat Marugg
Collaborators: Ursula Huber, Dörte Dethlefsen.
Structure: Agustí Obiol
Installations: Josep Mª Salvany, DB.
Quantity Surveyor: Lluís Roig, Lluís Fontanet
Area: 15,000 m²
Project cost: 2,3 mio €
Barcelona, 1999
Photos: Landezine

2 thoughts on "Plaça Virrei Amat by Arriola & Fiol"

  1. a says:

    I love this one. I usually take a bicing bike and ride all the way up Passeig Maragall and Avinguda de Borbó, sit down in Virrei Amat and spend hours there.

  2. a says:

    oh, and around the Forum area (behind the Centre de Convencions) there’s a metallic version of those funky brise-soleil things. it’s kind of nice to see that kind of references…

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