Contemporary Czech Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Festival Prague 2014 & CzechScape

On Wednesday June 18th 2014, the Žižkov Freight Station in Prague was opened to introduce a brand new concept to visitors. The 2014 Prague Landscape Festival project presents exhibitions, lectures and site-specific installations with the common theme of landscape architecture, public space and examples of industrial conversions. The festival features interesting examples of landscape creations by foreign and Czech architects, as well as presentations by public and private organisations. Festival visitors also have the opportunity of familiarising themselves with projects by students of Landscape and Garden Architecture. The festival will take place until September 9th and is open daily.




The works of art and architecture are interrelated to the industrial space of the Žižkov Freight Station. This reopening is an example of the utilisation of former industrial buildings. The main venue for the Festival – Žižkov Freight Station – was therefore not chosen by accident. The curators asked leading Czech artists and landscape architects to prepare site-specific installations which interrelate with the exceptional industrial space of the Žižkov Station. The organisers have strived to revive the locality of the Žižkov Freight Station cultural monument during the summer months as it has an immense future potential.



The exhibition entitled CzechScape, which is being held in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, focuses on designs by landscape and garden architects, including interventions by non-profit organisations in public spaces and other short-term projects within the Czech Republic. This showcase of Czech creations, with generous overlap into other related disciplines, deliberately exceeds the borders of conventional understanding of the field. Issues are approached in a very complex way: a combination of landscaping itself, gardening, the urban environment, architecture and interventions in public spaces.




Opening hours

Žižkov freight railway station
Jana Želivského 2, Praha 3
every day 1pm – 9pm
free entry

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery
Betlémské nám. 5a, Praha 1
tuesday – sunday: 11am – 7pm
monday: closed
tickets 40 / 20 CZK

17th June /18.00 – 24.00/

festival opening on the Žižkov freight railway station
– attended by the mayor of Prague
– music production/ Květy, Lesní zvěř, Megaphone and Swamp safari sound system

24.6/Dutch evening /19.00 – 22.00/

– lecture/ Lodewijk Baljon
– launch ceremony of the Czech Scape book/ a portrait of Czech landscape architecture
– music/when we are wild
July, August / presentation

September 1st – 8th/

cycle of lectures and debates /details will be specified
– Freight railway station now/ debate of representatives of signatory organisations
Memoranda of future of ZFRS, hosted by Adam Gebrian
– public space of the city district of Prague 3 related to the big Prague/
debate of representatives of Prague 3, Public space office and Society for horticular and landscape architecture
– evenings of the exhibition Eunic Landscape Architecture
Robin Winogrond, Studio Vulkan Landscape Architecture: In the Realm of the Senses / Urban Space and Imagination / CH
Mayslits Kassif Architects/IZ
– representatives of Norway and Germany

9th September /18.00 – 24.00/

closing of the festival
– music production/ Už jsme doma, Garage & Tony Ducháček
Junior Klub within Days of Žižkov Heritage



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  1. jona kollmann says:

    Vazeny Pane/Damo,
    prosim poslete me Vas email, abych Vam poslal kratky slideshow me knihy “lookouts.landscapes.people”, ktera originalne vesla Hebrejsky.
    (narozen v Hradci Kralovem)

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