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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Streets / Waterfronts / Built: 2014 /
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Henriksdalshamnen is a district in Hammarby Sjöstad, south of Stockholm city centre. The ambition was to create a vibrant urban space with walking paths and places along quays and streets to take advantage of the south- and west-facing direction towards the waterfront. Along the water runs the walkway. Its character changes from docks with small boats and south-facing seating stairs to the port square with ferries and al fresco dining, continuing further north with quays along Hammarbykanalen. A point of destination is the new district park, Anders Franzéns Park, on the southern slope of Danviksklippan.

The quays are made in cast brushed concrete, fronted with corten steel. They are divided into zones, with lines of cobblestone to mark out driving areas, walking paths and furnishing areas. Car traffic is allowed on the quays – but on the terms of the pedestrians. Wooden made, billowy sun decks and seating stairs are located on the area’s top spots. Safety barriers in wavelike shapes, made of corten steel, prevent car traffic from driving into the water.

Jan Inghes Torg, the port square, is a center for cafés, restaurants and a small-boat marina. Together these functions create a vibrant and dynamic meeting place. Trees allow shadow and wavy stairs in cast concrete provide seating areas with a lookout over the sea.

The central street of the area, Henriksdalsallén, proceeds from the port square. It forms a wide axis towards Danvikstull with spectacular plantings and playful, sculptural decoration and ornaments. Henriksdalsallén is primarily designed as a public space, secondly as a street, and the aim is to experience it as an elongated square stretching between the buildings. This is also demonstrated by the materials and dimensions. Aiming to limit the vehicles’ speed, driving areas and pedestrian areas are paved with cobblestone. Accessible walking strays are available in cast concrete. During the nighttime, the street is lit up, giving the art instillations an exciting new expression, which gives the street an almost magical shine.


Landscape Architecture: AJ Landskab

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Artist Nikolina Ställborn.

Project location: Henriksdalshamnen, Hammarby sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden

Design year: 2008-2013

Year Built: 2010-2014

Photo: Kasper Dudzik

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