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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Residential Parks / Roofs / Built: 2018 /
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The project 79&park is situated on the northeast side of Gärdet in central Stockholm. The area borders to Östermalm, the harbor and the National City Park which makes the location favorable in many ways. The residential complex is a unique project in Stockholm, where the building and the vegetation harmonize together and forms one unified structure. Through the leveling roof landscape, the choice of plants and its variation, a transformation takes place; nature is stylized, elevated. The roof landscape becomes a stylized part of the surrounding nature and a natural extension of “Gärdet”.

The building is constructed in square blocks – “pixels” – with the basic dimensions 3.6 x 3.6 m. Since the height of each pixel is unique, the roof becomes a dynamic landscape where every pixel consists of a roof terrace or a green roof.

Framed by perennials, bushes and trees the terraces in connection to the residence offer a magnificent view of “Gärdet”.

The plants are carefully selected so that they can withstand heat, wind and drought. The have also been assorted and composed in a way that will give each pixel a long flowering season with a wide variation in color all year round. This gives the residents a chance to follow and experience seasonal changes, but it also generates habitat opportunities and food supplies for insects and birdlife.

The twenty-five trees on the roof are a signum for the building and contributes to make 79&Park into a landmark. To give the trees the best circumstances to thrive, they were handpicked at an early stage in cooperation with Stångby plant nursery. This made it possible to find individual plants that suited the project aesthetically, but even more important, that would be able to cope with the extreme conditions on the roof. A new type of reinforced root system was also developed during this process which ensured that the trees could be stably fixed.

The public courtyard follows the pixel concept. Seating areas are placed among large planting-areas with trees and perennials. A preschool garden is embedded in the greenery. Adjacent planting beds ensure that the trees get enough space so that they eventually can create a lush and restful courtyard for the residents and all visitors.


Landscape Architecture: AJ Landskab

Other designers involved in the design of landscape (architects and landscape architects): BIG Architects, Stångby plantskola AB

Project location (Street, City, Country): Sandhamnsgatan 79, Stockholm, Sweden

Design year: 2015-2018

Year Built: 2018

Photo: Kasper Dudzik

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