Innerer Garten Leutschenbach, Zürich

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Location: Switzerland / Zürich / Type: Residential Parks / Built: 2021 /
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What does the transformation from a purely industrial zone to a residential area mean for the open space structures of the urban fragments between Leutschenbachstrasse and Hagenholzstrasse? Within the framework of the test planning procedure, this question was answered by the ‘Innerer Garten’: creating a fine-mesh of passageways adapted to the new use and supplementing the existing range of open space typologies.

Within the framework of the rough concept, the specific spatial character of the ‘Innerer Garten’ was defined and the rules for its phased implementation were laid down. The divergent needs of the neighbouring residents had to be considered, as well as the requirements for an ecologically and socially valuable outdoor space. The examination of a new typology of open spaces and the fact that it was not a project but a set of rules for a transformation process that had to be designed demanded new methods. The implementation was also challenging from a legal point of view; questions of cost sharing, liability and maintenance influenced the design process, as did the question of how a cross-border realisation could function.

Within the framework of the section of the ‘Innerer Garten West’, i.e. the projects Wolkenwerk, Schutz und Rettung and Swisslife, the previous considerations were implemented in an exemplary manner. Likewise, further west, in the area of srf, another fragment was to be created by Krebs Herde.


Landscape Architecture: mavo Landschaften (Thies Brunken, Isabelle Duner, Valentin Hofer, Kobe Macco, Christopher Opialla, Sofia Prifti, Martina Voser)

Project location: Hagenholzstrasse / Fernsehstudio, 8050 Zürich

Design year: Test planning 2012

Concept implementation and design guidelines 2013 to 2017

Accompanying legal implementation 2015

Year Built:

sub-area west 2020

first stage 2019 to 2021

Manufacturer of urban equipment: lighting, furniture designed by mavo

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