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Zhang Jiang Ji Dian Gang Phase 4 West Block

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Location: China / Shanghai / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Built: 2015 /
Published on November 30, 2020

Shanghai Zhangjiang Integrated Circuit Industrial Zone (referred to as Integrated Circuit Port) is one of the free trade zone industrial bases of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai with its main focus on the integrated circuit and microelectronics industry.

In office or industrial park settings, people of diverse backgrounds and interests come together for intense periods of work, study, research and learning.  Central to their success is a physical environment which encourages collaboration and community as well as support for their research and work.  Industrial parks in China are not often known for their pursuit of landmark quality, distinctive and memorable physical settings. But this is changing. The development of the ‘work campus’ will ultimately transform a largely impervious and sterile working environment into a network of social spaces within their landscapes that increase community connectivity, provide public access, and create a social habitat. Working and research communities are now characterized by a set of buildings that frame a wide range of spaces and settings for the overlapping paths and rhythms of work and life interwoven into a ‘campus environment’.

At every access point into Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Campus, pedestrians utilize paving ‘bridges’ that slice through areas of recycled textured paving.  The juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional materials provides a special sense of arrival that is grounded in the image of a campus dedicated to sustainability and the beauty of the landscape.  The paving bridges of red and white stone through fields of recycled brick encourage connection between employees and their broader environment, and reframes how one thinks about the relationship between campus architecture and its landscape. The paving ‘bridges’ define the campus circulation and mobility and guide the expansion of open spaces, amenities, social spaces and landscape ecology.  Texture found in the paving and landscape represents a complex ‘mosaic’ of industry, ecology and infrastructure.

A central courtyard in the middle of the campus forms the ‘town square’ complete with cafés under the shade of Camphor trees and indigenous seasonal planting.  These courtyards contain of a series of inventive landscape solutions built with recycled material that hints of the company’s attempt to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable workplace.  Socially, these spaces hosts the greatest scientific minds from all corners of the globe: bringing them together in shared spaces to deliberate and converse in a sustainable landscape environment illustrates the mission of great institutions.  It is an educational demonstration of the research and science to which the institution is committed.

Client: Jianteng LCD (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (ARROW)

Architect: Liuyuyang Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd /Atelier ARCHMIXING

Project location: No. 999 Dangui Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Completion: 2014/2-2015/3

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