Yueyuan Courtyard

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Location: China / Suzhou / Type: Atriums / Corporate/Company Garden / Water features / Built:
Published on December 7, 2016

Z+T Studio: Yueyuan Courtyard is a courtyard of the sale center of a new development at Mudu village of Suzhou city. Z+T Studio was commissioned to design the place merging modern approach and function with oriental aesthetic sensitivity. It is a place depict the elegant design of the upcoming development, as well as a place to make sales of the development. The design team divided the courtyard into two parts: creek garden & lake garden.

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Water is the leading design element to links the two gardens together. In the creek garden, the concept of “erosion” inspired the design team to create a creek water feature. The water feature craved out from large granite stone artfully demonstrates the natural process how river goes through land surface for hundreds of years and transforms the land into river valley. When the creek is filled with water, it becomes a linear reflecting pool meandering through the garden. The origin of the creek drips from a carefully designed water table. At the end of the creek, water flows into another reflecting pool that is the main feature in the lake garden. This reflecting pool is larger and shallow, which mirrors the surrounding building and plants. It generates a tranquil as well as meditating atmosphere together with the light poured into the central garden, the shadow from the surrounding building and the sound of water falling from the creek.


Location: Mudu,Suzhou, China
Landscape Area:980m2
Completion Year: 201607
Client: Zhonghang Real Estate Inc.
Lead Designers: Dong Zhang, Ziying Tang
Landscape Designers: Qiang Du, Yanjie Fan, Peixun Lin, Jialin Zheng, Hongchao Liu
Architects: BIAD-BOA

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