Xiaohu Park

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Location: China / Type: Parks / Playgrounds / Water features / Waterfronts / Built: 2020 /
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The name “Xiaohu” literally means “small lake“ in English. Sitting at the east of Lingshan Valley and facing the Puyang River, the lake is located in the Xiaoshan area which has 1-hour drive to Hangzhou city. The total area of the project is 6 ha, having Xiaohu Lake as a lake-loop recreation function for future community development.

Eco-system connection

The water resource of Xiaohu Lake is coming from the runoff of the Lingshan valley, and the seasonal water level could be 1meter high difference. It has flood during the storm season and creates damage to the downstream in the past years. On the east side of the lake, there are two separated ponds used to be fish farming.

We connect the three water bodies together and join it to the east flood gate on the Puyang river. A series retention ponds, bio-swales, rain gardens are arranged along the water system, working for the ecologically sensitive area. The proposed aquatic floras are picked up for the restoration along the water bank, that based on the local plant communities. Eventually, the water management system is successfully installed. The original destruction terrain by local aquaculture is restored gradually by the balanced eco-system. Both overflow and the flood are conducted through the wetland with vernacular flora and fauna communities.

Low-impact development

Along the lake-loop, a series recreational spaces are created according to the surrounding landscape features: the camping site in the woods, the circle board walk in the wetland, the sand and lawn along the bank, and the PVC domes for special events etc. All the elevations of the sites’ location need to be graded above the flood level. All the installations are light weight, easy transport, and some materials are transparent to unblock the view of woods and lake. The purpose of the design is to build up connection between people and nature, to motivate the concept of sustainable development, and to develop the passion of environmental friendly growth for the local community.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: Z+T Studio

Design Principal: Dong Zhang, Ziying Tang

Landscape Architect: Qing Zhang, Yupeng Yang, Yifan Cheng, Teng Zhou, Xinjun Gu

Year completed: January 2020

Photo credits: Bing Lu

Manufacturer of urban or play equipment: Z+T Art Studio

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