Werkspoorpad Utrecht

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Location: The Netherlands / Utrecht / Type: Streets / Built: 2018 /
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The Werkspoorpad is an initiative and design by Flux landscape architecture and forms a walking route of 2,5km through the Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht. The path connects a number of important places such as the train station of Zuilen, the Werkspoorkathedraal, the Werkspoorfabriek and the Hof van cartesius. The path plays an important role in the transformation of the wekspoorkwartier into a mixed and dynamic district in Utrecht.

The Werkspoorkwartier is an industrial area on the west side of Utrecht, the area is being characterized by an industrial character and mainly contains large industrial warehouses and halls. There is a transformation going on towards a more mixed urban area. In line with this, Flux has taken the initiative to make the area more user-friendly for cyclists and pedestrians. in the current situation, cars are driving fast and there is a lot of freight traffic. In the current situation it is simply not possible for residents and people who work in the area to walk around peacefully.

The reprofiling of all roads in the Werkspoorkwartier has resulted in the creation green space along the walking route. In the current situation all the roads have parallel parking on both sides, while in the new situation there will be one-sided cross parking all along the route. In addition, the road will be further narrowed. This will make the other side of the road available as a park strip and create space for the Werkspoorpad. In specific places, the path widens towards the size of a small square, such as at the harbor of the Werkspoorkathedraal. The quality of stay for pedestrians and cyclists will increase tremendously. The path is characterized by sturdy concrete edges with texts and distance indication. The path can be seen as the first part of the pathway that can be further expanded in the future. In this phasing, other places in the area will be connected to each other, such as the Cartesiusdriehoek, the Vrijhaven and the Eneco Campus.

Flux has been active on its own initiative in the Werkspoorkwartier since 2015, including the transformation of the area around the Werkspoorkathedraal. This has also led to the initiative for the Werkspoorpad. The project is a Flux initiative that was subsequently developed on behalf of the Municipality of Utrecht. In the initial phase, we have worked with local companies and residents in a number of workshops. This has led to the design and entire traffic adaptation being widely supported by the public, and has resulted in the pathway also partly crossing private areas.


Website: fluxlandscape.nl
Project location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Design year: 2016/2017
Year Built: 2018

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