Welland Canal Park & Civic Square

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Location: Canada / Ontario / Type: Bridges and Piers / Look-outs / Squares and Plazas / Waterfronts / Built: 2005 /
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Janet Rosenberg & Studio: As part of the City of Welland’s downtown revitalization plan, Janet Rosenberg & Studio was commissioned to design a new civic square and park that would strengthen connections to the adjacent canal and reorganize the public space to encourage more pedestrian activity in the city core. The Studio developed a civic plaza in front of the new city hall building with fluid connections to a flexible green open space along the canal. The plaza, created on a limited budget, features a tranquil water feature that transforms into an outdoor ice rink during the winter. The space functions as a community gathering area in the heart of the downtown core and is used for markets and city events.

In order to strengthen connections to the canal, the Studio developed a series of gardens, ramps, bridges, and viewing platforms in the form of galvanized walkways that hover over the former historic walls of the canal. The design of the canal park land ties strategically into a broader recreation network running along the scenic and historic canal. Bollards are used to define a lane for cars and allow the landscape to read as an accessible and unified open urban space. A concrete plateau and sloped grass plane help to visually define and organize the space and can be also used as a stage and seating area for small concerts and events. Lighting, signage, walkways, seating, sculptural elements and a planting strategy have all contributed to making this a welcoming and dynamic public space and civic landscape.

Welland Canal Park & Civic Square, Welland
by Janet Rosenberg & Studio Landscape Architects
Landscape Architects: Janet Rosenberg & Studio
Location: Welland, Ontario, Canada
Area: 1.5 acre / 0.6 hectare
Budget: $1.3 million
Client: Town of Welland
Timescale: 2003 – 2005
Services: LandscapeArchitecture
Photography Credit: Jeff McNeill Photography

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