In 2022, the Kraichgau town of Eppingen will celebrate the Baden-Württemberg Garden Show for one summer under the motto “Summer, the town and you”. As part of extensive urban development measures, a permanently green parkland will be created around the lovingly restored old town for residents and guests. With its distinctive, creamy-light lime-sandstone masonry, the town embedded in the hilly landscape on the edge of the Black Forest exudes a southern French flair in the summer months. Especially in a strongly industrialised state and in times of Corona, the show claims to open the view and appreciation for what lies right on our doorstep.


Across from the Gründerzeit station building on a slight hill, the new citizens’ park with a large city pond and fountain is being created as the main element in front of the old town panorama with the church tower. The two streams Elsenz and Hilsbach will be restored to their natural state and enrich the adjacent park areas with direct access to the water. Today mainly dedicated to recreation, restored allotment garden structures along the old city wall with a new old town promenade bear witness to the former importance of supplying fruit and vegetables close to the city. A large water playground in the city park provides action and cooling.


At the site of the former mill canal, which diverted water from the Elsenz and operated the town mill, a fountain band is being created along the old town promenade to commemorate this important historical element. Ten individually designed water tables made of Portuguese granite will be created over a length of about 120 meters, with varied water features that will turn a stroll through the city into a true recreation. Each individual table was designed in elaborate 3D simulations and verified in scaled-down models made of hard plastic.

Photo credits: © Nikolai Benner


Design year: 2017-2021

Year Built: 2021

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