More and more people are cycling in the cities. The epidemic that has fundamentally transformed urban transport has given a new momentum to this growth. There are more and more bike lanes, repair shops can’t handle traffic, everyone is buying bicycles and is actively exploring the benefits of this mode of transport. This is a huge and undoubtedly happy change, but one that involves a lot of challenges. Perhaps the most critical of these is that the bikes that appear in many new locations are often simply nowhere to be locked. It is particularly difficult to find a solution in places where the parking of bicycles should be solved temporarily.

Installing bike racks is usually a time-consuming and expensive process that involves the long-term reconstruction of the site. But must it be so? Wouldn’t it be better if bike racks could be combined and moved according to ever-changing needs? The VELÓ mobile bicycle rack was designed for this purpose. The elements can be temporarily installed and, after the need has ceased, can be stored or transported elsewhere to turn up where and when they are needed.

With VELÓ, sudden needs can be handled quickly. Quick to install, easy to assemble, uncomplicated to ship and store, it can be ideal for events or locations temporarily usable by bikes. Three of its elements already form a stable system, but any number of them can be fixed to each other. A variety of metal racks can be installed on the concrete base, so it ensures a variety of shapes and in every different situation, a suitable way to lock bicycles.

The VELÓ system is a flexible solution for the safe parking of all types of bicycles. Its elements can be installed anywhere without breaking up the pavement and can be moved when they’re no longer required, but they can be fixed to the sidewalk and can only be moved after disassembling the elements. However, unauthorized removal is also a particularly difficult task without the fixing, even 3 elements have a combined weight of 255 kg.

There is just enough space between the elements of VELÓ to store 2-2 bicycles. Men’s, women’s, or also kids’ bikes can easily be locked to its metal racks. Thanks to the several styles of its metal racks, VELÓ fits well into any kind of environment.

design: Péter István Varga, Márk Nagy-Mihály / VPI Concrete

photo: Réka Bohus

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