Due to their simple design, the TRINK drinking fountains are a good fit to any environment and offer a harmonious combination with the sets of the company’s concrete furniture. The drinking fountain is available in two sizes. The taller option is accessible to disabled people because it’s wheelchair-friendly while the shorter design is easily accessible to children as well. It is recommended to install the two together, but they might as well be used in multiple numbers and different combinations.

TRINK has a simple appearance and a simple mechanical design. Water supply and drainage pipes stretch under the surface, which enables a comfortable, hygienic, and space-saving installation. The concrete body and the chromated copper faucet ensure a water-saving mechanism. The high-performance concrete combined with stainless steel components guarantee the drinking fountain’s durability.

The drinking fountain comes with a complete set of mechanical fitting components, including a throttle valve and a pressure regulator.

design: Márk Nagy-Mihály / VPI Concrete

photo: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

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