BINN’s eye-catching proportions almost make one forget that it is a convenient and easy-to-use trash can that matches well with the rest of our concrete furniture. Its subtle beauty is applicable to virtually all environments and public spaces. The concrete body and the galvanized powder-coated steel lid not only look pleasing, but also guarantee durability and abrasion-resistance. Due to its material and design, it is also highly resistant to vandalism.

BINN can be cleaned without any difficulty. After opening the lid, the 30 litre metal container can be promptly removed. Both the lid that opens with an 8 mm triangular key and the chrome-plated ashtray that can be emptied into the metal container close automatically. Therefore, the bin will never be left unlocked.

The waste bin can be fixed to a designated place rather easily, at just one point. Drainage vent at the bottom.

In urban public spaces, the extensive, required applicability justifies the usage of this particularly durable, resistant material, the fibre-reinforced High Performance Concrete (HPC). The contemporary concrete technology also gives way for the creation of ornamental patterns and fine surfaces, so that the implementation of concrete can become exceptionally humane.

Product name: BINN
Manufacturer name: VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture
Designer: Márk Nagy-Mihály
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2018
Photo: Anna Fabricius

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