Voss Activity Park

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Location: Norway / Type: Skate / Sport & Recreation / Waterfronts / Built: 2022 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on September 25, 2023

Situated in a mountainous area in western Norway, the town of Voss rest near the Vangsvatnet lake. Voss activity park intertwines in the landscape, bridging the gap between the town centre and the lake while maintaining the view to the water from the town. The park is set to be a multi-generational activity spot, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Due to heavy amounts rain and melting snow, the area is vulnerable to frequent flooding. Because of this, the park is designed and constructed to withstand colliding with floating elements, waves and being submerged. This not only minimizes maintenance demands but also ensures a swift recovery after flooding events. To show past floods, markers in the form of poles stand as witnesses to the water’s previous heights.

Diverse activities find a home within the park’s design, fostering creativity and engagement.

A sculptural rolling facility lies in the heart of the park, allowing any rolling-based activity. The rolling facility was designed in collaboration with Betongpark, who also built the facility. Additionally, sand volleyball courts, a playground tailored for young children, and plentiful seating areas collectively cater to a wide range of interests. Central to the park, a “V”-inspired sculpture serves both as a play area for children and a communal gathering space. To take advantage of the slope leading to the water, terraced shape steps was established form locally sourced stoned, offering a space for relaxation. Accessibility remains a priority, exemplified by a universally accessible pathway that leads down to the water, ensuring everyone can enjoy the waterfront.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: Østengen & Bergo AS

Client: Voss Kommune / Municipality of Voss

Contractor: Granvin maskinstasjon AS, Betongpark AS

Design of the Skate Park: Betongpark AS

Project location: Voss, Norway

Year completed: 2022

Photo credits: UAS Voss AS, Østengen & Bergo

Manufacturer of urban or play equipment: Tunge Ting AS

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