Von-der-Heydt-Platz, Wuppertal

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Location: Germany / Type: Squares and Plazas / Water features / Built: 2023 /
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The reorganisation of Von-der Heydt-Platz follows the principle of a square within a square, a heaven of peace in the midst of a space for movement.

The design forms a flowing urban space on Von-der Heydt-Platz, keeping in mind the ideal of the shopper-friendly pedestrian zone.

The design concept for the city centre of Elberfeld brings the entire pedestrian zone area together with homogeneous paving and uniform furnishing. The main focus of this redesign are the centers of Von-der Heydt-Platz and the main artery Herzogstraße.

Following the principle of active and calm, the darker granite-grey and anthracite-coloured stones are concentrated towards the centre of the square, forming an island within the square.

The inner area of the square is a quiet place to socialise or linger amidst the dynamic flow of pedestrians. New trees give the square within the square its own spatial setting and create a special atmosphere in contrast to the dynamic surroundings. People can relax there during their visit to the city centre.

Golden Bench

A golden picture frame from the von der Heydt collection, a banking family important in promoting local museum, is abstracted into new form, opens up and becomes a large, inviting bench in the square.
These golden benches made of brass with squared timbers as seat supports offer numerous different seating options under the trees and open up to a water feature in the centre of the square. With interactive stop and activation fields, different water pictures can be drawn again and again, illuminated in colour in the evening. The water feature is an exciting play area for children in summer.

Project Data

Landscape architecture: TGP

Project location: Wuppertal, Germany

Year completed: 2023

Photo credits: Stephan Baumann, Antje Zeis-Loi

Manufacturer of urban or play equipment: Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

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