Stella of Sunne™ Collection Offers Simplicity and Durability

It’s not easy being a piece of outdoor furniture. Every day, these fixtures of our parks and plazas tirelessly support countless people and their belongings. On top of that, they’re also expected to endure abuse from all kinds of hazards – baking sun, torrential rain, disrespectful pigeons, skateboarders, and amateur graffiti artists – and still do it with style.

Victor Stanley, a leading international designer and manufacturer of premium outdoor furnishings, has introduced a family of products that are more than suited to the task. Stella of Sunne encompasses a variety of benches, tables, chairs, waste receptacles, and bike racks. Stella’s classic minimalist look draws inspiration from Scandinavian design aesthetics. With its eased edges and clean lines, each piece feels equally at home in the bustling energy of a city center, or the tranquil calm of a park.

An attractive appearance is great, but only when combined with two equally important qualities – strength and longevity. Fortunately, Stella showcases all of these features to stunning effect. Available with Ipe wood, one of the toughest hardwoods available, the collection recently revealed an eye-catching selection of bamboo and slim-profile recycled slat options at the ASLA Conference 2021. The added strength of these materials protects against the elements and vandalism.

As if beauty and durability weren’t enough, one particular member of the Stella family adds intelligence to the mix. The clean lines of the waste receptacle can house Victor Stanley’s game-changing Relay technology. Through embedded sensors in each receptacle, Relay measures fill levels, temperatures, nearby foot traffic, and countless other variables. This real-time data can help cities dramatically reduce wasted time, expenses, and environmental impact by eliminating unnecessary collection runs and providing valuable insights for future planning.

In an age where multitasking is the norm, Stella effortlessly combines durability, beauty, and brains into a graceful line of products. Visit to learn more.

Stell Bench US Patent D899,802 S. Ren Side-Door Receptacle US Patent D904,712 S. Ella Table patent pending.

Published on February 17, 2022

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