Vestnes Sjøfront

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Location: Norway / Type: Waterfronts / Built: 2018 /
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Helland in Vestnes has a dense, small town centre with a characteristic small-scale block structure and traces of the old harbour town. Vestnes is to be developed and strengthened as a residential centre, communication hub, commercial centre and social centre of gravity in the municipality. The aim of the concept “VEL I HAVN” is to open the centre towards the water, to reinstate the identity of the harbour town together with the qualities of the shopping area. The plans create new active zones and make the city centre more readable and pleasant to move around.

The detailed project for the seafront brings the water closer to the city centre. The beach line along the fjord will be connected to a harbour promenade, a park area with activities and hiking trails. The harbour promenade is connected both to the central square and to the current small boat harbour and possible new outlet for fishing boats. The promenade is designed with a variety of places to stay, shelter and berths, sunbathing areas and guest berths for boats. Technical facilities, with a district heating centre and pumping station, are linked to the harbour promenade with a new building that can be used as a viewing platform.

The city centre plan makes it possible to bring in more housing in the city centre, straighten up the traffic pattern (especially for pedestrians), and provide room for growth and great flexibility in commercial buildings while at the same time strengthening the character and structure of the site, as well as increasing access to open areas and creating strong connections that link the centre to the sea.

Design year: 2014

Year Built: 2018

Photographer: Zbigniew «Ziggi» Wantuch

Landscape Architecture: agraff

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