L J B AS: The Vedahaugane lookout consists in a 90 meters long concrete path leading the visitor away from the road and into the landscape. A double curve shape follows the terrain and leads towards a beautiful untouched valley dominated by high mountains and eternal snow. Jotunheimen mountains are in the distant. The last third of the path hosts a wooden bench to enable people to relax and enjoy the magnificent panorama. The wheelchair friendly walkway is “floating” a few cm above the ground, supported by round columns to minimize the impact on the landscape and reduce the actual footprint of the construction. At the same time the intervention gets a light and reversible expression.

Location: Aurlandsfjellet, Norway
Architect: L J B AS. Team: L. J. Berge, Z. Jelnikar
Structural engineer: NODE AS; R. Rykkje
Site manager: Asplan Viak; Ola Aaberge
Client: Statens Vegvesen –Turistvegprosjektet;
Project manager; Bjørn Andresen
Main contractor: Christie AS; B. I. Homlong
Subcontractor wood: Djupevåg Båtbyggeri AS
Design: 2005 – 2009
Construction: 2009 – 2010
Area: 90 m path 300 sqm parking
Image credits: Statens vegvesen, E. Marchesi, L J B AS

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