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Renowned Firm Demonstrates the Power of Design Technology

McGregor Coxall, one of the world’s leading landscape architecture firms, uses digital design technology for spectacular outcomes. In the following project summaries, see how Vectorworks Landmark helps the firm conceptualize, model, analyze, and deliver standout projects.

Cabramatta Creek Masterplan

The masterplan for the Cabramatta Creek and Brickmakers Creek sites in Liverpool, NSW, aims to create a thriving and sustainable recreation precinct. This plan considers both regional and local levels.

The masterplan envisions a vibrant and diverse open space network. It aims to offer a wide range of uses and activities, from tranquil walking trails along the creeks to bustling community gathering spaces and recreational facilities.

Courtesy of McGregor Coxall

What sets this project apart is its commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. The planning and implementation process will be guided by internal stakeholders, the community, and external stakeholders. By aligning with their visions and goals, the masterplan will meet the needs of the precinct and adapt to the changing demands and expectations of the future.

By using Vectorworks, the designers at McGregor Coxall were able to create visualizations to communicate with clients, then simultaneously make changes on the fly in both 2D and 3D based on feedback.

With its vision for a diverse mix of uses and activities, this project will transform the area into a vibrant and thriving space for all to enjoy.

Courtesy of McGregor Coxall

Maryland Estate Applied Streetscape Microclimate Analysis

Maryland Estate Developments looks to create a masterplan that integrates biodiversity, water management, and passive recreational spaces.

To optimize the urban cooling effect, the project set out to identify ideal tree heights and spreads for various street typologies, orientations, and adjacent housing. This was important in addressing the urban heat island effect, which is of concern in the hot western suburbs of Sydney. By strategically planning the placement and characteristics of trees, the project maximizes solar exposure during winter months while minimizing it during summer.

Courtesy of McGregor Coxall

Methodology includes 3D modeling of street typologies in Vectorworks, conducting sun studies to test and optimize tree height, spread, and spacing for streets with different orientations, and performing energy-efficiency assessments to evaluate the impact of housing products on sun exposure.

Courtesy of McGregor Coxall

For presentation, the team showcased 3D street sections in Vectorworks, providing a visual representation of their design concepts. The hybrid 2D/3D nature of Vectorworks meant that the resulting plans and elevations were ready to represent as well. They demonstrated the effects and consequences of tree height, spread, and spacing on built form energy ratings and solar exposure. These presentations allowed stakeholders to truly grasp the potential impact of the landscape component on the overall development.

Campbelltown Integrated City 3D Model

The primary aim of this project is to produce a data-rich, holistic, and dynamic 3D tool for the Campbelltown City Council’s internal use. With this tool, the Council will be able to assess the current state of the city center and visualize future proposals and scenarios effectively.

Key areas of focus include addressing urban heat, fostering smart city initiatives, enhancing connectivity, establishing the city center as a desirable destination, promoting urban growth, and ensuring long-term sustainability. The use of a digital twin will play a crucial role in monitoring and measuring progress in these areas.

McGregor Coxall’s Urban Design team is using mapping tools in Vectorworks to produce outcomes that align with the City Centre framework. Meanwhile, the Biourbanism team is leveraging the power of ESRI Web Scene to upload and visualize GIS data in 3D, creating an immersive and interactive experience for stakeholders. To ensure seamless integration between the two platforms, a shapefile live-link has been established between ESRI and Vectorworks.

Learn more about the powerful integration between ESRI and Vectorworks with a free webinar.

This collaborative process between the Urban Design and Biourbanism teams has resulted in a robust and comprehensive model structure that accurately represents the vision for the future of Campbelltown City Centre.

Published on February 21, 2024

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