3 Projects That Turn Vision into Reality with All-in-one Software

At Vectorworks, we love talking about creativity. After all, creativity isn’t just about crafting something uniquely aesthetic, it involves innovative and responsive solutions to the ever-changing needs of a site, its users, and the environment within which it resides. Each element of our built or preserved environment once started as a spark in a designer’s imagination, and it’s our pleasure to produce software for designers to turn that spark into something tangible.

Let’s take a look at some finished projects, designed in Vectorworks Landmark, to get an idea of how inspirational visions become an impactful reality.

Taicang Yuqin Garden – PLACEMEDIA

PLACEMEDIA’s design here starts with a simple concept — a “Green Island” that appeals to the sustainable community. Each patch of greenery is an elevated “island” that connects to each other with a series of pathways, which the designers say offer the illusion of a leaf.

“We feel that it is a mission of our profession to be the first to create a better society,” said Yuta Kobayashi, associate at PLACEMEDIA.

The master plan is graphically rich, making it easy to both interpret and appreciate. Contour lines help the reader understand elevational changes, and the color treatment indicates different planting groups. The building elements are included for site context as the team designed the space.

Jewel Changi Airport – PWP Landscape Architecture

Arguably the most sensational flight hub in the world, Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport overflows with lush greenery. The landscape design is courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture, the decorated firm responsible for design on the 9/11 memorial in New York City.

Pay particular attention to the quality of graphics — in this section view, you can see how the planting plan intersects the architectural elements for a cohesive concept. As architecture often coincides with landscape architecture, it’s easy to see why many choose Vectorworks to help coordinate these trades.

“We always use Vectorworks on preliminaries,” said Peter Walker, founder of PWP. “That’s typically the way we work — everyone here has to do that. It’s much more flexible, it’s much more refined than AutoCAD.

Barangaroo Reserve – PWP Landscape Architecture

The Barangaroo Reserve in Sydney answers an interesting challenge — to meld the dated shoreline with a 21st century skyline, and to do so in a way that honors Australian heritage.

According to the Reserve’s website, the greenery is modeled after vegetation that was present before European settlement, making it “the most scientifically significant planting program in central Sydney for decades.”

PWP delivered the above planting plan. In a simple legend, the project team and consultants can see all the planting information they need — botanical name, size, plant distribution rate or % (plant size and maturity in this case), quantity, plus a correlating symbol in the site plan.

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Published on April 12, 2021

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