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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Parks / Playgrounds / Built: 2021 /
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Vårbergstoppen is one of Stockholm’s artificial hilltops and a popular recreational area in Vårberg, Skärholmen. The area is designated to become an important park as the city is densified. LAND has been responsible for the new playground in the park.

Located by the new central entrance the playground has been designed around two themes relating to the existing landscape: the Adventure and the Fairytale Forest. By using dialogue methods, LAND received ideas from the very users themselves, the children playing in the park.

The Adventure is constructed on one of Vårbergstoppen’s slopes and focuses on challenging movement. Wooden stairs, platforms, and climbing nets connect various play spaces, including the longest slide in Stockholm!

The Fairytale Forest is located at the edge of a small grove, just next to the natural surroundings characterized by exposed rock. The function of the forest as a playscape is in the playground preserved and enhanced. Materials from the site are repurposed and refined in a subtle manner for play equipment, to spark imagination and encourage role-playing.

The different parts are interconnected and accessible via a gravel area encircling a large open lawn. The gravel area is wide enough to accommodate gathering spots with shelter from weather and wind, a place for barbecue with seating, and a wooden deck placed in the sunniest spot.

The playgrounds were nominated for the Swedish Landscape Architecture Awards, Landmärket, in 2021.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: LAND Arkitektur

Team LAND Arkitektur: Tora Bärnarp, Lina Andersson, Rebecka Rosén

Other designers involved in the design of the landscape: Andrén Fogelström (globes), Tyréns (lighting and other parts of the park)

Client: Trafikkontoret Stockholm Stad, Jean-Louis Dessalles

Project location: Vårberg Skärholmen, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Year: 2018-2019

Year constructed: 2019-2021

Photo credits: Clement Morin & Ulf Lundin

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