Utopian Hours – International Festival of City Making, 14. – 16. October, Turin, Italy

A world of 8 billion cities: urban evolution from activism to technological innovation.

From city making to “citizen making”.

With: Amanda Burden, Edward Glaeser, Liam Young, MIT Media Lab, Mars City Design, Ximena Caminos and Majora Carter are among the headliners of the sixth edition of the international festival of city-making Utopian Hours.

Utopian Hours’ contemporary trilogy on the future of the city draws to a close, having begun in 2020 with “The City at Stake.”

A premonitory statement in the post-pandemic era, which anticipated the 2021 edition of “The 1000-Minute City,” inviting us to look to the future with a positive outlook, to find new energy and meaning in the international dimension, in connections, in a new form.

With “A World of 8 Billion Cities,” the 2022 edition of the festival comes to a coherent conclusion, and it is a happy ending. The city is freed from its physical, modern, capitalist, industrial dimension: it becomes a category of the spirit, back to being a mental image first and foremost, a way of life, linked to the qualities and wills of us people before spaces and buildings, and thus regains a positive role in human history and evolution.

The city “in crisis”, caught between global tensions and a hyperlocal vision, finds its contemporary place in the world at large. Every inhabitant of the planet, if they wish, can experience their own urban dimension through their own choices: a value-based urbanity, linked to gestures, consumption, behaviour, rather than places.

By introducing the idea of “making citizens”- now that the world is approaching being inhabited by 8 billion people- and the desire to refound the concept of the city at the planetary level, the focus of Utopian Hours shifts to a new urban teleology.

More on torinostratosferica.it / Tickets: utopianhours.it/en/tickets / Visitors can access the festival according to these in-person or live streaming options: full festival, full day, and live streaming.


Published on September 21, 2022

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