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Beaulieu Neighbourhood

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Location: France / Type: Parks / Residential Parks / Built: 2014 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on April 22, 2014

In 2006 the town council of Chartres launched a significant process of urban and social reconfiguration of the Cité de Beaulieu. The aim was to solve many issues caused by the 70’s urbanism and create a new piece of the city which has to be both attractive and combined with the orther areas in a cohérent way. One of the highlights of the site is its location: on a plateau, on the right bank of the Eure and southeast of the historic centre. Despite the great location, the site suffered from the same issues as many other area built during the same period: the low quality of the public spaces which are often dedicated to cars, buildings disconnected from their environment…

Several orientations were proposed :
– open the area toward the town
– accentuate the structuring axes and strategic spots along a defined spine
– organize the ways
– clearly identify the private and public spaces
– diversify the housing typology
– encourage the economic and commercial developpement.

Our first action was to improve the connections between the neighbourhood and his context and open the views on the distant horizon. The second task was to give back the public spaces to the soft transportation by redesigning the paths. By theses actions the neighbourhood find itself linked up to the urban network and revealed the distant opened views, hidden until then. The neighbourhood’s new structuring line is a long view toward the Eure. This garden alley is an urban promenade made up of three major public spaces. It ends on the 5 ha “petit clos” park leant on a business park reverse. The park is dedicated to outdoor sports and offers to the local residents, as well as those of Chartres, many activities: multisport facilities, a running track, swimming pool, playground and even a skate park.

2 thoughts on "Urban Renovation of the Beaulieu Neighbourhood by PAYSAGES"

  1. Cedric says:

    It is a lovely project. Well done to ArcAme and Paysages!

  2. Cécile says:

    Beautiful urban renovation project!

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