Urban Eco Islands Vasikkasaari

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Location: Finland / Helsinki / Type: Nature Paths / Built: 2020 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on February 5, 2021

The nature path structures and resting spots of Vasikkasaari island are part of the Urban Eco Islands project. The initiative strives to create new solutions for sustainable nature travelling. Intelligent solutions and applications are intended to be used to monitor the condition of the nature of the place, the number of visitors and to encourage people to observe the nature via mobile application.

The designed path structures guide the visitors to the highlight points and places on the island while also preserving the delicate local vegetation. Three different types of subtly located resting spots were designed, drawing inspiration from the landscape and view of each selected spot. The structures were not designed to attract too much attention into themselves, but rather to the place and the views.

The northernmost resting spot is located on a bare bedrock with a view to the silhouette of Helsinki. The bench, table and terrace create a uniform structure which serves as a place for resting even for larger groups. The surrounding bedrock is a natural extension area for the visitors.

As the route continues to south, the next resting spot offers shelter in the form of a small hut. The walls on the hut are built of slats which creates a see-through surface. The main view inside the hut opens to Suomenlinna. Behind the hut a rock wall rises up and forms a backdrop for the place. The most southern spot is a bench which duplicates the patterns of the surrounding bedrock. With small gestures, the bench invites users to stop and enjoy the view to the open ocean that is situated between Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari islands.

Website: www.nomaji.fi

Project location: Vasikkasaari, Helsinki, Finland

Design year: 2019-2020

Year Built: 2020

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