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University of Applied Sciences Ruhr-West in Bottrop

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Location: Bottrop / Germany / Type: Campus / Parking / Built: 2015 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on December 10, 2018

Planergruppe Oberhausen: The design for the open space of the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr-West in Bottrop follows the basic concept of a uniform area structure for the entire site. All uses in the open space are formally joined together on a single area of which the structure varies.

The basic structure is based on a square lawn lattice plate, which allows a large part of the technically necessary uses such as driveways, parking spaces, squares, facade cleaning, etc., and causes a reduction of the seal by up to 40 %. Wherever sealed surfaces are required, a paving which is matching the format of the plate is used instead. This compaction is realised in the parking areas as stepping stones strips, and in the area of the entrances, the barrier-free paths and at the canteen as a closed paving. The joints between the building blocks are punched out of the described basic structure. The height differences partially need to be counterbalanced with walls and staircases. The workshop yard is located at a lower level than the adjacent parking area. It is aligned with the effect in between the building blocks with barrier-free access. The building joints facing Hans-Sachs-Strasse are elevated towards the public walkway on the level of the ground floor. The existing trees of the site were incorporated into the new landscaping concept and complemented by new planting. The inner building joints are accentuated by intensive green planting and each of them are spatially closed by a multi-stem solitary shrubs. The area at the entrance from the street at the vocational school is furnished with simple concrete benches covered with wooden planks. The bicycle parking spaces are located at all points of arrival. The rainwater – already reduced by the partial sealing of the surfaces – is collected with drainage elements and then fed through retention systems for throttled discharge to the channel. All roofs are extensively landscaped.

University of Applied Sciences Ruhr-West, Campus Bottrop

Location: Bottrop (Germany)
Constructor: BLB NRW, Münster (Germany)
Landscape Architects: Planergruppe Oberhausen
Planning Period: 2011 to 2013
Realisation: 2013 to 2015
Area Surface: 4000 m²

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