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Umfassungweg, Twickel

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Cultural Heritage / Nature Paths / Parks / Built: 2014 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on October 24, 2014

Michael van Gessel: Around 1890 landscape architect Eduard Petzold drew up a plan for the ‘Umfassungsweg’ or ring road. This was literally a road that would ‘enclose’ (umfassen) the core of the estate. This would allow the baron to take a tour of his lands and provide an attractive way of admiring the various landscapes. Because of Petzold’s death, however, a significant section of the route was never completed. Moreover, the section through the Azelermeen, a stream valley landscape, was closed to the public about 40 years ago.

The aim of the project is to breathe new life into the Umfassungsweg as a phenomenon of cultural history and as part of the Twickel landscape park by completing as well as reopening the circuit. This may also help to reduce the concentration of recreation on the centre of the park, Castle Twickel, by spreading recreational activities somewhat.

The missing sections of the Umfassungsweg route have been drawn to ‘visit’ all the interesting landscapes of Twickel: the Deldeneresch, the small one-man fields, the woods in the stream valley and on the former wastelands, the stream valley landscape and the Koematenveld nature area, taking into account the interests of the tenant farmers/land occupants, nature and the privacy of residents. In the future, when the provincial road will have better bridge crossings, the Umfassungsweg will also run to the train station and the town of Delden. The bridge at the height of the main avenue has recently been installed.

The route includes a new bridge, the Krudopbrug over the Twickelervaart, a plank trail suspended above the marshes of the Koematenveld in order to protect the fragile vegetation, and a submersible path across the Azelerbeek stream. At a few strategic points a wooden resting element has been added. To promote recognizability, there is a certain unity of materials, as many stabilized sand paths as possible and crossings with other roads feature simple marking posts labelled ‘UW’.

Landscape Architect: Michael van Gessel
Location: Twickel, Twickelerlaan, Ambt Delden, The Netherlands
Commissioned by: Twickel Foundation
Area: total length of 9 km
Period of design: 2009
Implementation period: 2011-2014
Photograph: Emilio Troncoso Larrain
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