Rudolfplatz, Cologne

The Rudolfplatz has always been a strategically important location: The Hahnentorburg there – one of originally twelve gate towers along the medieval city wall of Cologne – served as the western entrance to the city. This is where the freshly anointed emperors from Aachen entered the city of Cologne. It was no wonder that the construction project at the corner of Habsburgerring/Aachener Straße should sensitively respond to the existing structures. Two new buildings have been built there: the Wallarkaden by Caruso St. John Architects from London and the “Haus am Rudolfplatz” by Max Dudler, completed in 2022.

The design brief was to generate attention without disturbing the urban harmony with garish light advertising. Dudler fulfilled the architectural task by combining apparent opposites for the commercial building. On the one hand, he brings movement to the floor plan and the façade, and on the other hand, his architecture is blended into the block structure of the surroundings. The combination of plastered brick for the pillars and masonry elements for the lintel areas, the building also reflects the materiality of the listed city gate. The symmetry of the windows brings architectural clarity. One hundred thirty theee stainless steel housings with frameless LED lights from ADO Lights accentuate the structure. The flush glass cover prevents heavy soiling and ensures visual uniformity.

AG Licht played a key role in the development of the individual lighting concept for the building. In close cooperation with ADO Lights, a brand of the North Rhine-Westphalian manufacturer TTC Timmler Technology GmbH, an innovative luminaire was designed that met the demanding requirements of the lighting concept.

For the project in the urban context, in addition to efficiency, the avoidance of glare was paramount. The luminaire design and construction department at ADO Lights implemented individual adjustments to achieve an optimal effect on the object. On explicit request, ADO Lights was able to reduce the beam angle of the LED-HL-AL-10, our narrow beam wallwasher, from originally ten degrees to seven degrees, with a passe-partout print on the laminated safety glass cover. Thus, the light neither disturbs inward nor outward, which is in line with the reduction of light pollution principles. All installed LED light fixtures are dimmable, further supporting the high-efficiency performance of the facade and overall project.

The lighting concept, which is valuable from both an ecological and economic perspective, was awarded a DGNB Gold certification. ADO Lights floor luminaires in the outdoor areas and in the interior at the elevator portals, as well as pendant luminaires in the offices, completed this customized lighting concept. The lighting design, emphasizes the conceptual architecture of Max Dudler and subtly highlights the building in the urban context.

This distinctive office and commercial building at Rudolfplatz underlines its iconic position at the historic western entrance of the city of Cologne through its clear structure, supported by innovative lighting.

Light Designer: a·g Licht, Cologne
Architect: Max Dudler, Berlin/Zurich
Photographer: Peter von Pigage
Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

Published on May 6, 2024

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