Mittlerer Pfad

In Stuttgart’s industrial park, an existing building was staged with an impressive visual highlight. The challenge was to transform horizontal lines into vertical ones in order to stage both the striking building with its tower and the path from the street via the staircase to the main entrance in a structured and appealing way.

To achieve this goal, a total of 85 metres of LED surface-mounted light lines were installed in façade lenses. These special light lines were strategically placed to transform the building into vertical elements and give it a striking presence. In addition, a further 45 metres of LED light lines were integrated into the floor to illuminate the path from the street via the staircase to the main entrance and create a clear structure.

The contract for this impressive project was awarded by APOprojekt GmbH in cooperation with SvR Lichttechnik GmbH. Both companies contributed their expertise and know-how to realise the client’s vision.

The pictures documenting this project were taken by TTC Timmler Technology. They impressively show how the existing building was transformed into a true highlight by the LED light lines and how the vertical elements set the scene for the building and the path to the main entrance in a structured way.

The product photo was taken by Peter von Pigage and shows the high quality of the installed LED light lines. This project is an example of how the targeted use of light and design can turn a building into a real eye-catcher.

Published on October 5, 2023

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